A First in Compostable Packaging

All Blue Coffee Box packaging is 100% compostable. We think this may be a first for the UK. And, in a world of ecology-destroying coffee shop cups, coffee pods and plastic-lined supermarket coffee bags, every company has a responsibility to do better.

What Makes our Boxes and Bags Different?

Let's clear up one point. Biodegradable or compostable? Our packaging is actually compostable. However, if you put coffee bags into your green bins, your waste collectors don't have time to read labels and you may get questioned, or more. If you put it in the standard bins, it will compost in landfill. That's why we choose not to call it "compostable" - even though it is.

Blue Coffee Box EcoBox. You'd think that a cardboard box is OK. But, what about the ink? What about the Glue? What about the sealing tape? These are often chemical or plastic-based. It all makes a difference.

Our EcoBox is certified Plastic Free. It can be composted safely, and fast. Blue Coffee Box worked with our box manufacturer to be better for the environment.

  • Our glues reduce synthetic content and increase bio-based materials
  • The easy-opening red tear strip was phased out and replaced

Our EcoPack envelope is also Plastic Free. While using a similar card stock to our EcoBox, we use a post-consumer recycled fibre material into our envelope. And, again, there is no plastic red-tear-strip, or chemical glue or chemical printing inks.

100% Eco-friendly Coffee Bags

Coffee is a fresh food. It needs to be packaged to reduce air, moisture, light, and, being fresh roasted, a coffee valve to expel the CO2. Standard packaging needs an aluminium liner, an invisible plastic lining inside the aluminium to enable heat sealing, and a plastic coffee valve.

Our EcoBag has found the solution. A combination of very specialised materials has found the perfect balance of packaging that keeps your fresh-roasted coffee in perfect condition and is easily compostable.

Blue Coffee Box EcoBags contain:

  • Exterior kraft paper from Japan with 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification
  • Chemical-free inks
  • Natureflex interior air and moisture barrier material - All NatureFlex™ films meet global standards for home and industrial composting
  • Ziplock from Japan that is proven to be compostable in 8 weeks
  • Coffee valve from Switzerland that allows CO2 to escape but also composts

At Blue Coffee Box we are proud to be better with our environmental footprint. It's not always easy but that's no excuse. There's still more to be done and we will continue to find ways to be better still.



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