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"This box is great! Packaging is great and there is a little info sheet on where the coffee is from. As soon as I opened it there was amazing smell of coffee that made me want to brew a cup right then. Can't wait to try the coffee! They also have a variety of subscription options and timing which is nice."

- Olivia / Ontaria, Canada

"An absolutely terrific company all round! Not only do they supply THE best coffee you could ever want at remarkably good prices, their service is second to none. I've been a subscriber for over a year and have yet to receive a bag of coffee or experience an interaction with these guys that is anything short of exceptional...highly recommended!"

- Sam / Basingstoke

"Was not sure what I'd get but the first two bags of coffee taste lovely. Not opened the other yet. And the box was nice. It was like getting a present all wrapped up inside and was delivered by the postman so I didn't have to wait in. I've got a Gaggia and they ground it for my machine which was good. The beans are from little farms that seem to have the whole family involved. Well done Blue Coffee."

- Andrea / Bury

"How exciting it was to open my first blue box. Well presented with great information of each coffee. It was a treat for my husband who lives for coffee. Surperb flavors with depth and intensity, working our way through. Highly recommend to everyone.
Thank you Blue Coffee Box"

- Deborah Ryall / Gillingham

"Those who know me, know that I am a bit of a coffee snob. I try not to be, but unfortunately, I am!
So, when I got sent this amazing box of freshly roasted coffee beans from Blue Coffee Box I was excited and to be honest a little sceptical.
I've had coffee beans from another company in the past and I was a little underwhelmed with some of the stuff they sent me.
So, I ground up the beans and made a cup of the stuff using my Aeropress and wow, what a flavour! Kind of like drinking coffee in 3D."

- Ian Anderson Gray / Manchester

Totally worth it!
"Absolutely LOVING the coffee, super fast delivery, wonderful information supplied about the coffee and the quality is truly spectacular
- so glad I subscribed!!"

- Amanda Graney / Hove