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Fazenda Londrina Decaf - Brazil

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The Creation of Fazenda Londrina Decaf - Brazil

A fabulous decaf coffee from Steampunk, Fazenda Londrina is one of four farms owned by the Naimeg group, a family business which was headed up by the late founder Gerson Naimeg. Gerson, the son of a German settler and Brazilian mother, established his first farm in 1965 when he bought a small plot of land in Uba located in northern Paran.

Like many others, he and his family moved to the Cerrado to avoid the annual threat of frost and now they have four farms in the region.

Fazenda Londrina is around 394 hectares in size with 200 hectares set aside for coffee and is located near the city of Patos de Minas, at an altitude of approximately 1160 meters above sea level. The farm successfully grows varietals of Catuai, Icatu and Acaia on the local clay loam soils. Fazenda Londrina has won awards in national espresso competitions in recognition of its good character in the cup.

In line with Brazilian law, 20% of the land at Fazenda Londrina is given over to a nature reserve where indigenous plants provide a habitat for wildlife. This coupled with the social standards which have been established for the people that work the land, has led to Rainforest Alliance certification for the farm.

The Sparkling Water CO2 Process
This process was first discovered by a scientist called Kurt Zosel at the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research in 1967 as he was looking at new ways of separating mixtures of substances. In 1988, a German decaffeination company called CR3 developed this process for decaffeination whereby natural carbon dioxide (which comes from prehistoric underground lakes) is combined with water to create ‘sub-critical’ conditions which create a highly solvent substance for caffeine in coffee. It is a gentle, natural and organically certified process and the good caffeine selectivity of the carbon dioxide guarantees a high retention level of other coffee components which contribute to taste and aroma.

Origin of Fazenda Londrina Decaf Coffee

Region    The Cerrado, Minas Gerrais, Brazil

Producer    The Naimeg Family

Varietal    Washed and sparkling water decaffeinated

Process    Fully washed

Altitude    1160m

Roaster    Steampunk Coffee Roasters

Notes of    Caramel, walnut



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