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Organic Altos de Erapuca - Honduras

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The Creation of Organic Altos de Erapuca - Honduras

Finca Altos de Erapuca is a new coffee farm and was established in 2008 and in December 2014 only its second crop was harvested. Previously the land had been given over to cattle but with an altitude of 1,300 to 1,360 meters above sea level, owner Carlos Refrain Paz Sevilla, recognised the land's great potential for producing coffee.

With many years of experience in coffee, through the management of other family farms, Carlos planted the farm entirely with Catuai making the farm something of an oasis in a land of Cattimore, the varietal that has greater rust resistance but much less complexity in the cup.

The organic coffee is fertilised three times per year and the harvest begins in December but in earnest in January and February with shipments starting in April. Rust is controlled on a 25 day spraying cycle and September is the worst time for the occurrence of rust during the rainy season.

Only compounds permitted by the organic certifiers can be used, making the fight against leaf-rust even tougher. There is a house for permanent staff on the farm which is powered by solar energy but other than this the farm is simply natural rainforest and a little coffee.

Origin of Altos de Erapuca Coffee

Region    Copan, Erapuca Mountain, Honduras

Producer    Carlos Refrain Paz Sevilla

Varietal    Red Cataui

Process   Washed

Altitude    1360m

Roaster    Pharmacie Coffee Roasters

Notes of    Apricot, nectarine, raspberry



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