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Blue Coffee Box (one-off)


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The Creation of Blue Coffee Box (one-off)

Our signature Blue Coffee Box is available as a one-off with no subscription. (Note, click here for the subscription page ). Allow me to explain what deliciousness comes in every box.

Our uniquely luxurious coffees are single origin and microlot Speciality Coffees. Occasionally, we offer blends of two or three microlots. All our coffees score 80+ on the SCAA quality scale and are from the best 5% of coffees on the planet. In other words, the good stuff.

Each month three of our artisan UK roaster partners (a different three every month) hand-roast the beans freshly (every bag has a "roasted on" date) in weekly batches. Taste profiles range from chocolate and nut, to caramel and cream, to fruity and floral.

Our Coffee Concierges will select the most wonderful combination of three coffees for you, based on your preferences. The three bags contain 135g of deliciously fresh coffee. A tasting card explaining the origin and the details of the farmer is included for every coffee.

If you are buying this to give as a gift, we recommend you select the cafetiere grind as that is by far the most popular with our customers.

You will understand why we say that You Have Never Tasted Coffee This Good.



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